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Math 124

College Algebra

Summer 2010

Section: 642 & 643

Call Number: 61166 & 61168

Days & Times:
Section 642 Monday - Thursday 12:00pm - 1:40pm
Section 643 Monday - Thursday 2:00pm - 3:40pm
June 7, 2010 to July 15, 2010

West Charleston Campus Room I-308

Important Dates:
Final Date to drop a course without a "W" - Tues., June 8
Final Date to officially drop with a "W" - Fri., July 2
Final Exam is Thur., July 15, 2010

Text and materials:

College Algebra Blitzer, 5th Edition, ISBN 978-0-321-55983-8. Along with the text, you will be required to bring paper, pencils, erasers, and a calculator to each and every class period for note taking, quizzes and tests.


MATH 096 or MATH 097 both with a grade of C or better; or a satisfactory ACT/SAT/Placement Test score. NOTE: This course does NOT serve as a prerequisite for MATH 127 nor is it sufficiently rigorous for entry into calculus.

Course Description:
Practical applications are the focal point of this course. Topics include equations and inequalities; linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphs; solutions of systems of linear equations; matrices; and sequences and series.

Course Objectives:

A scientific calculator is required for this course. A graphing calculator is not required. I recommend the TI-30XIIS, it costs less than $20. You are not allowed to share a calculator on tests. You may not use a cell phone or any other electronic device as a calculator during a test. Calculators are valuable tools that you can use to make doing math less tedious. However, their usage in this course should not replace an understanding of the basic mathematical principles taught. Even when you use a calculator you are still responsible for providing a detailed and coherent explanation of the logical mathematical steps you used in solving a problem.

Cell Phone Policy:
Please make a point to turn off or silence your cell phones before class. Do not ever answer or talk on your cell during class. Unless given prior permission to answer an expected call, anyone who answers or talks on their phone, during class, will be asked to leave for the day. If you are texting during class you will also be asked to leave class for that day.

Attendance will not be a part of your final grade, but is essential to completely understand the material. If you do not attend class you are still expected to be familiar with the material and be prepared for tests. What happens in class is unique and not easily replaced by copying someone else's notes or reading the textbook. Do not waste class time asking me to re-teach material you were absent for.

A list of suggested homework problems is provided on the class schedule on my web page. You should attempt these after each lecture. No textbook assignment will be submitted for grading. These problems are suggested for you to become familiar with the topics of the course. You should work enough problems to be sure you understand the material. Test problems usually come from this list.

Throughout the semester there will be twelve three-point quizzes. I will drop the lowest two quiz grades, giving a maximum quiz score of 30 points. No make-up quizzes will be given. These may be given at the start or at the end of the class period. If you come late you do not get to take the quiz. If you leave early without prior permission you will receive a zero if there was a quiz given at the start of that class.

There will be three tests this semester, along with a final comprehensive exam. The final exam will be a comprehensive one that covers everything from the entire semester. Test reviews will be available on my web page, along with answer keys for those reviews. We will work some of the review problems as we go along. We will do a quick review on the day before the exam but will not have time to do every problem so it is in your best interest to work them beforehand. This way you can ask questions about the problems you don't get. Don't memorize the reviews and answers. Being able to complete the test review does not guarantee anything.

There will be absolutely no makeup for any quiz or test for any reason. You will be allowed to take a quiz or test early, if sufficient notice is given to the instructor. Once a quiz or test has been completed, no one may take take it afterwards.

Your final grade will be calculated as follows. These point ranges are absolutely firm and WILL NOT be changed. I have already accounted for rounding, notice that 89.5% is awarded an A. I do not issue +/- grades. I will never issue Ws. If you want a W, you must withdraw officially through the college.

Total Points
385 -
89.5% -
342 -
79.5% -
299 -
69.5% -
256 -
59.5% -
Below 255
Below 59.5%

Scholastic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent. You are expected to have read and understood the current issue of the student handbook (published by student services) regarding student responsibilities and rights, the intellectual property policy, for information about procedures and about what constitutes acceptable on-campus behavior.

Each student is entitled to free, individual academic tutoring through Tutorial Services in D-203. You are allowed 4 free hours of one-on-one tutoring per credit hour. Go to for more information. An appointment is required. Drop-in tutoring is available on a first come, first served basis in The Math and Science Resource Center, located in H-203. For more information go to Both of the above mentioned resources are also available on the Cheyenne and Henderson campuses.

Classroom Behavior:
I expect you to pay attention and participate during class-time, to not hold private conversations with other students, and to not disrupt the classroom in any way. This includes coming to class late, leaving early, and texting. If you are disruptive you can be removed from the class. Repetition of the offense can result in expulsion from the course.

Any students with medical, psychological, learning or other disabilities desiring academic adjustments, accommodations or auxiliary aids will need to contact the Disability Resource center at (702) 651-5089.