This chapters focus is on HEALTH Insurance ... and ... DISABILITY Insurance.   BOTH are "must haves" ... yes - even if you are young, healthy and NEVER get sick - ever!.

So why buy health insurance ?   After all, it's sooo damned expensive!   Because - the leading cause of bankruptcy is "medical bills" (either not enough ... OR ... no insurance).   A simple(?) "visit" to an emergency room (kids = visits) typically starts with a $400 charge when you sign in.   Your bill then increases by $200 to $10,000 depending on diagnostic tests (lab, x-ray).   Once diagnosed, the actual treatment can easily rack up another few hundred (stitches) up to $40,000 (emergency surgery).   Even WITH insurance, you may still wind up owing 20% of the bill.

How about disability insurance?   The Social Security Administration claims that a "20-year old worker has a 3 in 10 chance of becoming disabled before retirement age."   For us mathematically challenged folks, this means 30% are likely to need some kind of income protection for disability.   To put it VERY COLD, if you die you are a one-time expense but if you are disabled (even for a few months) you are a continual financial drain on your family (plus think of the medical bills involved with a disability).

You may think that "America Has the Greatest HealthCare in the World"
BUT ... we have 2 TIMES the infant mortality (death) rate of Sweden;
AND ... a 3.5 year SHORTER life expectancy than Japan.
Check these graphics below:

HealthCare Spending
Health care spending continues to rise at the fastest rate in our history.   Consider the following:

While healthcare costs rise overall, the average amount that employees contribute to
healthcare insurance coverage also rises.

Key Features of the Affordable Care Act ... aka "ObamaCare"

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      Health Insurance
    1. The Basics

    2. Things To Know

    3. Health Insurance Terminology

    4. Primary Care Explained

    5. 10 Trends in HealthCare - 2016

      The Problems With Healthcare
    6. Why Did Something Need to Be Done

    7. Medical Bankruptcy

      Government Funded Health Insurance
    8. Medicare vs Medicaid

    9. The VA (Veterans Administration)

    10. Obamacare - Highlights

    11. COBRA

      Getting Health Insurance
    12. Choosing a HealthCare Plan

    13. How To Pick a Health Insurance Plan

    14. The ObamaCare "Insurance Exchange"

    15. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) Explained

      Disability Insurance
    16. Why Disability Insurance?

    17. I'm a Wife & Mom - We Don't Get "Disabled"

    18. Do I Really Need Disability Insurance?

    19. Myths About Disability Insurance

    20. Types of Disability Insurance

    21. Workers Comp

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