Adobe Photoshop

The Canvas

The image to the right (A), illustrates the area of a canvas, created in Adobe Photoshop. (The red area represents the canvas's size).

Enlarging or reducing the area around the canvas, is accomplished through the Canvas Size Dialog Box.

To access the Canvas Size Dialog Box, select from the Image Menu, Canvas Size (B).

The dialog box (C) displays the current dimensions of (A).
The dialog box (D) illustrates a new entry in the height of the canvas. The height has been changed from 1" in (C) to 2" in (D).

The size of the canvas can be adjusted at any time in Adobe Photoshop. Changing the canvas size, effects the size of the file. Notice the size of (C) is 16K and the size of (D) is 31K
(A) (B)
(C) (D)

The Anchor icon (found at the bottom of the canvas dialog box), provides options for adjusting the direction of the canvas's enlargement or reduction. For example, by selecting the bottom, left corner of the anchor icon (D), the canvas height will expand above its present position.
To adjust the canvas size, click on the part of the Anchor that you want to effect. Enter an amount in the width and/or height fields by inserting the cursor, clicking the mouse and then typing a number.

Illustrates the results of selecting the center square, of the Anchor icon, in the Canvas Size Dialog box, and adjusting the canvas width from one to two inches. The white area of the canvas, displays the background color, selected in the toolbox.

In (F) the bottom, center square of the Anchor icon, in the Canvas Size Dialog box, was selected and the canvas size's height was increased from one to two inches. The white area displays the background color selected in the toolbox.


(E) (F)