Submission Guidelines

For All Submissions:

Red Rock Review uses a blind reading process. To facilitate this process, therefore, two files must be attached to each submission. In the first, name and contact information will appear on a cover sheet; in the second, the manuscript. Name and contact information must not appear anywhere on the manuscript.

Manuscripts must be formatted for 8½" x 11" (US letter) pages. Use standard fonts or typefaces (Courier or Times) and the standard font size (12 point).

Only one story/essay or four poems per submission. Only two submissions per academic year. Others will be deleted.

We do not accept general submissions in June, July, August, or December. Files sent at these times will be deleted.

No simultaneous submissions.

For Fiction and Essay Submissions:

Fiction and essays must be no more than 5,000 words.

One-inch margins all around each page. Indent new paragraphs ½"; justify left margin. Justification of right margin is not necessary.

Approximate word count appears in the top right corner of page one.

Title (in CAPS) appears centered, one-third of the way down the first page.

A running header including key word from title and page number appears on all pages. The header appears in the left corner ½" down from the top of the page and 1" in from the left edge.

Text is double-spaced. Do not add extra blank lines between paragraphs unless creating section breaks, which should be marked with a pound sign.

For Poetry:

Poems must be no more than 80 lines.

Left and right margins are set at the discretion of the poet; top margin (and bottom if necessary) should be 1".

Include key word from title and page numbers (top left corner of page) if a poem goes over one page.

Lines of text may be single- or double-spaced.


Send all submissions as MS Word, PDF, or RTF file attachments to The e-mail to which the files are attached should serve as your cover letter clearly stating the contents of your attachments. No hard-copy submissions will be accepted.


The material in Red Rock Review represents the artistic visions of the authors and artists published therein and is their sole property. Red Rock Review reserves first North American serial rights only; all other rights revert to the authors and artists upon publication. Any use of the material herein other than for limited scholarly study or review for artistic merit without the consent of the authors or artists is prohibited by the laws and international compacts governing copyrights.

Red Rock Review, a nonprofit biannual journal dedicated to publishing quality writing, invites submissions of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry from both established and emerging writers. The editorial policy is to seek only the best possible work suited to the publisher's needs. Neither the journal nor its staff is responsible for lost manuscripts.


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