Gary Cohen's Math 181 Files

Lecture Notes

Why Attend Lecture

Introduction to Calculus

An Intuitive Approach

Limit Theorems



Derivatives: Part 1

Derivatives: Part 2

Derivatives: Product & Quotient Rules

Absolute Extrema

Chain Rule

Newton's Method

Related Rates

Relative Extrema & Concavity

More Extrema and Concavity

Applied Optimization

Anti Derivitives

Goodbye Rocket Man Forever

Proof by Mathematical Induction



Homework Problem Sets

Precalculus Review
The Basic Ideas of Calculus
Limits: An Intuitive Approach
Limit Theorem Related Problems
Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes
Optional Problems on Limits at Infinity and Horizontal Asymptotes
Computing Derivatives by Using the Definition
Computing Derivatives by Using Derivative Theorems I
Professor McSquared Explains the Quotient Rule
Computing Derivatives by Using Derivative Theorems II
Computing Derivatives by Using Derivative Theorems III
Implicit Differentiation
Related Rates Word Problems
Finding Extrema on a Closed Interval
Relative Extrema and the First Derivative Test
Concavity and the second Derivative
Optimization Word Problems and Newton's Method Problems
The Antiderivative (Indefinite Integral)
Mathematical Induction and Summation Problems
Areas by Riemann Sums and Areas by Inegration
Practice Quizzes - Integration
Trapezoidal and Simpson's Rule
Flash Bulb Problem
The Natural Loarithim Function
Inverse Functions
Inverse Trig Functions - Derivatives
Inverse Trig Functions - Integrals