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Medical Office Practices
(Certificate of Completion)

Open Entry Program

Nature of Work

The Medical Office Practices representative is an important part of the office team.  A Medical Office Practices representative handles information needed for registration of patients and the billing of services to insurance companies.  They provide a variety of functions including:

  • Assignment of appropriate classification codes for office procedures.
  • Analysis of patient records.
  • Completion of medical claim forms.
  • Registration of patients

Medical Office Practices representatives generally work in the front office of a medical office and are employed at the following locations:

  • Physicians' Offices
  • Billing Service
  • Health Management Organizations

Entry level salary ranges average between $8-$11 per hour.

Program Description

After successful completion of these courses, the student will receive a Certificate of Completion in Medical Office Practices.  The coursework may apply toward the Certificate of Achievement in Medical Office Assisting and/or Medical Coding and the Associate of Applied Science in Health Information Technology.

The Health Information Technology (HIT) and Medical Office Assisting( MOA) courses are conducted at the Charleston Campus of CSN.  They are offered in the Spring and Fall with some offered during the Summer semester.  Check the current semester schedule to verify this information.  Register for classes by following the registration instructions listed in the front of the schedule.  Courses are held at the West Charleston Campus at 6375 W. Charleston Blvd. in Las Vegas.

Certificate of Completion Course Requirements

Program Course Sheet

Career Guide and Approximate Costs

Admission Requirements

The CSN Medical Office Practices Certificate of Completion is an Open Entry program.  Therefore, an application for admission is NOT required.   However, there may be course restrictions or course prerequisites.  Cross reference each course with the College Catalog to verify any restrictions.

New Student Checklist
New students to CSN planning to register for this Open-Entry program should complete the steps outlined on the Checklist for New Students Seeking an Open-Entry Health Science Certificate of Completion.


For further information, contact the Health Programs Advisement Office at 651-5690 or contact the Health Programs Advisor directly.