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Institutional Research

Welcome to the i-Mart

This is a supplemental website for the office of Institutional Research, which is part of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE).

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Online Data Request Form and Instructions

Complete online and submit by email to IRP

SIS Login Account Application Form and Instructions

Complete both parts online and print for signatures and approvals. Allow 2 weeks for processing.



Training Videos

- SIS on desktop and web
- Access Import Specs

Faculty SIS Training Workshops

Calendar and registration through CAPE (www.csn.edu/cape). Online SIS workshop available soon.

<-- Don't forget to activate your SIS Login Account! Forms available on this page.

SIS Instruction Sheets

Login and Logout Instructions
- Word document
- PDF document

S.O.S for SIS Instructions
- Word document

The S.O.S. instructions will use a lot of ink if you print them. Consider reviewing them on screen first.

Short List of Useful SIS Screens (Student Records)
- Word document


CSN Scorecard

Institutional Performance 2007

Reports by category including:

Institutional Reports

  • Enrollment
  • Historical Data & Reports
  • Student Right-to-Know

Institutional Performance Reports

NSHE/System Reports

Special Reports


Information and resources


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