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Mission Statement

The Department of Media Technologies of CSN is the most comprehensive technology-based and educational experience of its kind in the state of Nevada. This is where potential meets experience, alliance promotes imagination, and innovation becomes action.

A key mission of Media Technologies is to prepare students for employment in the high technology areas listed below and open the doors to the Digital Media Industry.

Skills & Technologies

These departmental programs teach the skills and the technologies that are in demand in today's marketplace and which are also growing more prevalent:

  • Internet Streaming Media
  • Digital Cinema Animation
  • Digital Photography
  • Interactive Video Entertainment
  • Electronic Publishing & Prepress.

Our industry partnerships and state-of-the-art technologies help lead our students into a future where their ideas and skills become a launching pad for their success.


Careers in Media Technologies



The Department of Media Technologies seeks to strengthen student understanding and competence across five areas:

  • Communications
    Ability to gather, process, and understand the numerable inputs and innovations in the field, and recognize career possibilities and opportunities in computer graphics. Job-searing skills for presenting self through written communications, interviews, portfolio presentations, critiques. Exchanging and understanding complex oral messages with individuals and within groups.

  • Design
    Applying and evaluating the design processes; creative expression of ideas through design. Developing individual style and technique.

  • Technology
    Students develop the attitudes, knowledge, skills, perspective, and vision necessary to make informed decisions in a technological society, especially within the field of digital media. An appreciation for and a commitment to lifelong learning is closely tied to the success of creatives in increasingly dynamic change in technology relating to computer graphics.

  • Critical Thinking
    Interpreting, evaluating, and analyzing digital works of art, both the student's and others, in the context of reflective thought and critical discussion. Showing an understanding of the important aspects of a work. Finding solutions to design and communications problems through critical examination of the purpose and aesthetics involved. Selecting and utilizing a variety of subject matter and symbols to express ideas in visual form.

  • Production
    Using digital technology to create industry standard projects, which includes the necessary production techniques and skills and understanding of production processes in the computer graphics industry. Using computer graphics terminology, applications, and hardware to produce all varieties of projects using digital media to create and present.

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