In My Backyard      

Our most popular program for first-time younger viewers of The Planetarium. The show is hosted and narrated by Fred Penner, famed host of many children's programs on the Nickelodeon children's network, and author of countless children's books on many aspects of life. The show begins with Fred greeting the audience and an introduction of his special helper, Arnie the Arrow. Then it's off to explore things large and small in the backyard-from the colors of the rainbow to counting the ladybugs on a rose. After looking at the reasons for seasons, the stars begin to appear and we take a look at the Big and Little Dippers, and Leo the Lion. After learning about our nine planets, we take a closer look at the moon. Before we know it, the sun is rising and we're encouraged to explore the wonders and beauty of our own backyards. The program has a running time of approximately 30 minutes. It is suitable grades Preschool-1.

Fred on Star

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