The Little Star That Could      

In this delightful fantasy, a “Little Star” wants to discover who he is; he travels around the universe, questing for a name and a family of planets to call his own. Along the way he meets many different stars, and learns what makes them all different where stars live and how they are born and die. He ultimately discovers his nine planets, and learns about them (including his most special planet, Earth). The Little Star That Could was originally produced by the St. Louis Science Center and has been remastered in Fulldome video by Audio Visual Imagineering. The program has a running time of approximately 35 minutes. It is suitable grades K-3. Presentation of this program was made possible through the generosity of the CSN Foundation, Inc.

View the trailer provided by Audio Visual Imagineering (Quicktime - 15.8 MB stream).

Little Star

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