Pacific Planetarium Association
Minutes of Conference Meeting
Oct. 6, 2000, 10:44 a.m.
Dallas, Texas

The meeting was called to relative order by President Robert Pippin. Fourteen members were present initially; one or two arrived during the meeting, but were graciously forgiven and/or ignored by their colleagues.

Minutes. As former secretary Bob Pippin had included a copy with the current agenda, it was agreed to waive the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting (Oct. 16, 1999, Phoenix, Arizona), to the great relief of the new secretary (i.e., me), who had not gotten around to reading them.

Finances. Treasurer Keith Johnson passed out copies of an interim financial report, covering 1/1/2000-9/30/2000. There had been little activity in the account during this period. Current assets, including the main checking account in Reno and a tiny amount retained by Bob Pippin in North Las Vegas to cover some printing expenses, was $5,222.80.

IPS. Jon Elvert gave a report on International Planetarium Society (IPS) activities. He told us we needed to take a vote on the 2004 IPS meeting site at some point. The candidates were Valencia, Spain; Melbourne, Australia; and Chabot Observatory, Oakland, California (whereupon the secretary demonstrated his national chauvinism by not bothering to include the name of the country for the last site).

There was much spirited (meaning vigorous, not alcoholic) discussion regarding the relative merits of the three. Information is available on these invitations and sites in recent issues of The Planetarian. IPS Council is running a bit behind on this issue: the site should be decided by spring of 2001, but Council does not meet until the fall of that year. Jon suggested that he might send out a letter to members, to gather their reactions. But a straw vote was taken, just to see how members felt at this point, and Melbourne seemed to be favored.

IPS plans to develop an educational Web site; Dale Etheridge was volunteered to supply a link to this from the PPA Web site, if and when. The IPS site has changed its URL more than once, but currently appears to be (at least, that's where you end up when you try the published one). The PPA Web site is It should be noted that neither IPS nor Loch Ness had this URL listed correctly on their Web sites at press time.

Future conferences. Donna Pierce of SWAP came in to invite the affiliates from the so-called Western Alliance (SWAP, RMPA, GPPA, and PPA) to meet in Houston in 2002. This invitation was later accepted by the members.

OMSI (Portland) had invited the Western Alliance to meet there in 2001, but was forced to withdraw the invitation. Both the Lane E.S.D. Planetarium, Eugene, Oregon (Jon Elvert) and the new Chabot Observatory & Science Center Planetarium, Oakland, California (Jose Olivarez) had issued formal invitations to host the conference. After some discussion, PPA decided to accept Eugene's invitation.

However, considerable interest was expressed in some kind of meeting in the Bay Area, to see the changes in Chabot, Morrison, and other area planetariums. It was suggested that an additional spring conference, probably in 2002, would be a possibility, as in the past PPA has often had spring conferences in addition to the usual fall meetings. Steve Craig asked Bob Pippin to help investigate the notion and set up such a conference.

Panorama, dues. The ongoing discussion about Panorama and PPA dues was taken up.

Basic issues are:

For the time being, we agreed to increase basic annual dues to $15, and discuss further changes in the future.

There being no further business, and the approach of an excellent luncheon being dutifully noted, the meeting was adjourned.

Relentlessly submitted,

Keith H. Johnson