Planetarium Meetings

Eugene, Oregon

Oct. 5, 2001

Combined Regionals Meeting

3:30 p.m.

The Hansen Planetarium issued an invitation for the Western Alliance to hold the 2003 meeting in their new science center, scheduled to open in November of 2002.

Christine Shupla brought up the idea that we might consider combing the resources of the Western Alliance regionals to a certain degree. There are several levels to which we could go, including a common newsletter, common projects, common officers, common sense, a combined treasury, and a greater variety of scurrilous board games at conferences.

The question of an appropriate name for such a super-regional was discussed. A representative from RMPA suggested the "Really Massive Planetarium Association," or RMPA. A member of PPA countered with the "Perfect Planetarium Association," someone else with the "Simply Wonderful Agglutination of Planetarians," and yet another seeker after glory with "Gloriously Pliable Planetarium Affiliation," and the meeting degenerated into a frantic grubbing after acronyms.

Pacific Planetarium Association Meeting

4:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to relative but not absolute order by president Bob Pippin; fourteen members were present, though not always accountable.

[Elvert] Since Jonn will be an IPS officer before too long (and several former office-holders immediately expressed their condolences), he reminded us that we needed to elect a new IPS representative for PPA, to maintain our immense political power. He reminded us that this could be an expensive appointment, since PPA only provides support to the 1/3 level for attending meetings, and does not cover any outlay for side trips to even famous taverns.

Secretary's report [Johnson] Accepted as previously published, thus preventing him from performing his prepared act.

Treasurer's report [Johnson] Accepted as presented with great aplomb and other little-understood qualities.

Old Business

New Business


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